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Full Paper

Adaptive Practice of Facts in Domains with Varied Prior Knowledge PDF
Jan Papousek, Radek Pelánek, Vít Stanislav 6-13
Alternating Recursive Method for Q-matrix Learning PDF
Yuan Sun, Shiwei Ye, Shunya Inoue, Yi Sun 14-20
Application of Time Decay Functions and the Elo System in Student Modeling PDF
Radek Pelánek 21-27
Causal Discovery with Models: Behavior, Affect, and Learning in Cognitive Tutor Algebra PDF
Stephen Fancsali 28-35
Choice-based Assessment: Can Choices Made in Digital Games Predict 6th-Grade Students' Math Test Scores? PDF
Min Chi, Daniel Schwartz, Kristen Pilner Blair, Doris B. Chin 36-43
Comparing Expert and Metric-Based Assessments of Association Rule Interestingness PDF
Diego Luna Bazaldua, Ryan Baker, Maria Ofelia Pedro 44-51
Different parameters - same prediction: An analysis of learning curves PDF
Tanja Käser, Kenneth Koedinger, Markus Gross 52-59
Discovering Gender-Specific Knowledge from Finnish Basic Education using PISA Scale Indices PDF
Mirka Saarela, Tommi Kärkkäinen 60-67
EduRank: A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Personalization in E-learning PDF
Avi Segal, Ziv Katzir, Kobi Gal, Guy Shani, Bracha Shapira 68-75
Exploring Differences in Problem Solving with Data-Driven Approach Maps PDF
Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes 76-83
General Features in Knowledge Tracing to Model Multiple Subskills, Temporal Item Response Theory, and Expert Knowledge PDF
Yun Huang, José González-Brenes, Peter Brusilovsky 84-91
Generating Hints for Programming Problems Using Intermediate Output PDF
Barry Peddycord Iii, Andrew Hicks, Tiffany Barnes 92-98
Integrating latent-factor and knowledge-tracing models to predict individual differences in learning PDF
Mohammad Khajah, Rowan Wing, Robert Lindsey, Michael Mozer 99-106
Interpreting model discovery and testing generalization to a new dataset PDF
Ran Liu, Elizabeth A. McLaughlin, Kenneth R. Koedinger 107-113
Learning Individual Behavior in an Educational Game: A Data-Driven Approach PDF
Seong Jae Lee, Yun-En Liu, Zoran Popovic 114-121
Predicting Learning and Affect from Multimodal Data Streams in Task-Oriented Tutorial Dialogue PDF
Joseph Grafsgaard, Joseph Wiggins, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Eric Wiebe, James Lester 122-129
Sentiment Analysis in MOOC Discussion Forums: What does it tell us? PDF
Miaomiao Wen, Diyi Yang, Carolyn Rose 130-137
The Effect of Mutual Gaze Perception on Students' Verbal Coordination PDF
Roy Pea 138-144
The Opportunities and Limitations of Scaling Up Sensor-Free Affect Detection PDF
Michael Wixon, Ivon Arroyo, Kasia Muldner, Winslow Burleson, Dovan Rai, Beverly Woolf 145-152
The Problem Solving Genome: Analyzing Sequential Patterns of Student Work with Parameterized Exercises PDF
Julio Guerra, Shaghayegh Sahebi, Yu-Ru Lin, Peter Brusilovsky 153-160
Trading Off Scientific Knowledge and User Learning with Multi-Armed Bandits PDF
Yun-En Liu, Travis Mandel, Emma Brunskill, Zoran Popovic 161-168
Vertical and Stationary Scales for Progress Maps PDF
Russell Almond, Ilya Goldin, Yuhua Guo, Nan Wang 169-176
Visualization and Confirmatory Clustering of Sequence Data from a Simulation-Based Assessment Task PDF
Yoav Bergner, Zhan Shu, Alina von Davier 177-184
Who's in Control?: Categorizing Nuanced Patterns of Behaviors within a Game-Based Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
Erica Snow, Laura Varner, Devin Russell, Danielle McNamara 185-192

Short Paper

Acquisition of Triples of Knowledge from Lecture Notes: A Natural Langauge Processing Approach PDF
Thushari Atapattu, Katrina Falkner, Nickolas Falkner 193-196
Towards Assessing Students' Prior Knowledge from Tutorial Dialogues PDF
Dan Stefanescu, Vasile Rus, Art Graesser 197-201
Assigning Educational Videos at Appropriate Locations in Textbooks PDF
Marios Kokkodis, Anitha Kannan, Krishnaram Kenthapadi 201-204
Better Data Beats Big Data PDF
Michael Yudelson, Steve Fancsali, Steve Ritter, Susan Berman, Tristan Nixon, Ambarish Joshi 205-208
The refinement of a Q-matrix: Assessing methods to validate tasks to skills mapping PDF
Michel Desmarais, Behzad Beheshti, Peng Xu 208-311
Building a Student At-Risk Model: An End-to-End Perspective From User to Data Scientist PDF
Lalitha Agnihotri, Alexander Ott 209-212
Can Engagement be Compared? Measuring Academic Engagement for Comparison PDF
Ling Tan, Xiaoxun Sun, Siek Toon Khoo 213-216
Comparison of Algorithms for Automatically Building Example-Tracing Tutor Models PDF
Rohit Kumar, Matthew Roy, Bruce Roberts, John Makhoul 217-220
Computer-based Adaptive Speed Tests PDF
Daniel Bengs, Ulf Brefeld 221-224
Discovering Students' Complex Problem Solving Strategies in Educational Assessment PDF
Krisztina Tóth, Heiko Rölke, Samuel Greiff, Sascha Wüstenberg 225-228
Discovering Theoretically Grounded Predictors of Shallow vs. Deep- level Learning PDF
Carol Forsyth, Arthur Graesser, Philip I Pavlik Jr., Keith Millis, Borhan Samei 229-232
Domain Independent Assessment of Dialogic Properties of Classroom Discourse PDF
Borhan Samei, Andrew Olney, Sean Kelly, Martin Nystrand, Sidney D'Mello, Nathan Blanchard, Xiaoyi Sun, Marci Glaus, Art Graesser 233-236
Empirically Valid Rules for Ill-Defined Domains PDF
Collin Lynch, Kevin Ashley 237-240
Entropy: A Stealth Measure of Agency in Learning Environments PDF
Erica Snow, Matthew Jacovina, Laura Varner, Jianmin Dai, Danielle McNamara 241-244
Error Analysis as a Validation of Learning Progressions PDF
Brent Morgan, William Baggett, Vasile Rus 245-248
Exploration of Student's Use of Rule Application References in a Propositional Logic Tutor PDF
Michael Eagle, Vinaya Polamreddi, Behrooz Mostafavi, Tiffany Barnes 249-252
Exploring real-time student models based on natural-language tutoring sessions PDF
Benjamin Nye, Mustafa Hajeer, Carolyn Forsyth, Borhan Samei, Xiangen Hu, Keith Millis 253-256
Forum Thread Recommendation for Massive Open Online Courses PDF
Diyi Yang, Mario Piergallini, Iris Howley, Carolyn Rose 257-260
Investigating Automated Student Modeling in a Java MOOC PDF
Michael Yudelson, Roya Hosseini, Arto Vihavainen, Peter Brusilovsky 261-264
Mining Gap-fill Questions from Tutorial Dialogues PDF
Nobal B. Niraula, Vasile Rus, Dan Stefanescu, Arthur C. Graesser 265-268
Online Optimization of Teaching Sequences with Multi-Armed Bandits PDF
Benjamin Clement, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Didier Roy, Manuel Lopes 269-272
Predicting MOOC performance with Week 1 Behavior PDF
Suhang Jiang, Adrienne Williams, Katerina Schenke, Mark Warschauer, Diane O'dowd 273-275
Predicting STEM and Non-STEM College Major Enrollment from Middle School Interaction with Mathematics Educational Software PDF
Maria Ofelia Pedro, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Ryan Baker, Neil Heffernan 276-279
Quantized Matrix Completion for Personalized Learning PDF
Andrew Lan, Christoph Studer, Richard Baraniuk 280-283
Reengineering the Feature Distillation Process: A case study in detection of Gaming the System PDF
Luc Paquette, Adriana de Carvahlo, Ryan Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh 284-287
SKETCHMINER: Mining Learner-Generated Science Drawings with Topological Abstraction PDF
Andy Smith, Eric N. Wiebe, Bradford W. Mott, James C. Lester 288-291
Teachers and Students Learn Cyber Security: Comparing Software Quality, Security PDF
Shlomi Boutnaru, Arnon Hershkovitz 292-295
Testing the Multimedia Principle in the Real World: A Comparison of Video vs. Text Feedback in Authentic Middle School Math Assignments PDF
Korinn Ostrow, Neil Heffernan 296-299
The Importance of Grammar and Mechanics in Writing Assessment and Instruction: Evidence from Data Mining PDF
Scott Crossley, Kris Kyle, Laura Varner, Danielle McNamara 300-303
The Long and Winding Road: Investigating the Differential Writing Patterns of High and Low Skilled Writers PDF
Laura Varner, Erica Snow, Danielle McNamara 304-407
Tracing Knowledge and Engagement in Parallel in an Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
Sarah Schultz, Ivon Arroyo 312-315
Tracking Choices:Computational Analysis of Learning Trajectories PDF
Erica Snow, Laura Varner, Danielle McNamara 316-319
Unraveling Students' Interaction Around a Tangible Interface Using Gesture Recognition PDF
Paulo Blikstein 320-323


A Predictive Model for Video Lectures Classification PDF
Priscylla Silva, Roberth Pinheiro, Evandro Costa 325-326
Accepting or Rejecting Students' Self-grading in their Final Marks by using Data Mining PDF
Javier Fuentes, Cristobal Romero, Carlos García-Martínez Ventura 327-328
Analysis and extraction of behaviors by students in lectures PDF
Eiji Watanabe, Takashi Ozeki, Takeshi Kohama 329-330
Analysis of Student Retention and Drop-out using Visual Analytics PDF
Jan Géryk, Lubos Popelinsky 331-332
Automatic assessment of student reading comprehension from short summaries PDF
Lisa Mintz, Dan Stefanescu, Shi Feng, Sidney D'Mello, Arthur Graesser 333-334
Building an Intelligent PAL from the Session Database Phase 1: Data Mining PDF
Donald Morrison, Benjamin Nye, Borhan Samei, Vivek Varma Datla, Craig Kelly, Vasile Rus 335-336
Building Automated Detectors of Gameplay Strategies to Measure Implicit Science Learning PDF
Elizabeth Rowe, Ryan Baker, Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Emily Kasman, William Hawkins 337-338
Challenges on adopting BKT to model student knowledge in multi-context online learning platform PDF
Wolney Mello Neto, Eduardo Barbosa, Felipe Garcia, Leonardo Carvalho, Nicolau Werneck, Pedro Carvalho 339-340
Combination of statistical and semantic data sources for the improvement of software engineering courses (Vision Paper) PDF
Michael Koch, Markus Ring, Florian Otto, Dieter Landes 341-342
Comparing Learning in a MOOC and a Blended, On-Campus Course PDF
Kimberly Colvin, John Champaign, Alwina Liu, Colin Fredericks, David Pritchard 343-344
Cost-Effective, Actionable Engagement Detection at Scale PDF
Ryan Baker, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh 345-346
Data mining of undergraduate course evaluations PDF
Sohail Javaad Syed, Yuheng Helen Jiang, Lukasz Golab 347-348
Data Sharing: Low-Cost Sensors for Affect and Cognition PDF
Keith Brawner 349-350
Diagnosing Algebra Understanding via Bayesian Inverse Planning PDF
Anna Rafferty, Thomas Griffiths 351-352
Discovering and describing types of mathematical errors PDF
Thomas McTavish, Johann Larusson 353-354
Discovering Prerequisite Relationships Among Knowledge Components PDF
Richard Scheines, Elizabeth Silver, Ilya Goldin 355-356
Dynamic Re-Composition of Learning Groups Using PSO-Based Algorithms PDF
Zhilin Zheng, Niels Pinkwart 357-358
Educational Data Mining and Analyzing of Student Learning Outcomes from the Perspective of Learning Experience PDF
Zhongmei Shu, Qiong-Fei Qu, Lu-Qi Feng 359-360
Using EEG in Knowledge Tracing PDF
Yanbo Xu, Kai-Min Chang, Yueran Yuan, Jack Mostow 361-362
Exploring Engaging Dialogues in Video Discussions PDF
I-Han Hsiao, Hui Soo Chae, Manav Malhotra, Ryan Baker, Gary Natriello 363-364
Exploring indicators from keyboard and mouse interactions to predict the user affective state PDF
Sergio Salmeron-Majadas, Olga C. Santos, Jesus G. Boticario 365-366
Extracting Latent Skills from Time Series of Asynchronous and Incomplete Examinations PDF
Shinichi Oeda, Yu Ito, Kenji Yamanishi 367-368
Generalizing and Extending a Predictive Model for Standardized Test Scores Based On Cognitive Tutor Interactions PDF
Ambarish Joshi, Stephen Fancsali, Steven Ritter, Tristan Nixon, Susan Berman 369-370
How patterns in source codes of students can help in detection of their programming skills? PDF
Stefan Pero, Tomás Horváth 371-372
A Preliminary Investigation of Learner Characteristics for Unsupervised Dialogue Act Classification PDF
Aysu Ezen-Can, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer 373-374
Improving Retention Performance Prediction with Prerequisite Skill Features PDF
Xiaolu Xiong, Seth Adjei, Neil Heffernan 375-376
Indicator Visualization for Adaptive Exploratory Learning Environments PDF
Manolis Mavrikis, Sergio Gutierrez Santos, Alex Poulovassilis, Zheng Zhu 377-378
Learning Aid Use Patterns and Their Impact on Exam Performance in Online Developmental Mathematics PDF
Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, Ilya Goldin, Taylor Martin, Jason Maughan 379-380
Learning to Teach like a Bandit PDF
Mykola Pechenizkiy, Pedro A. Toledo 381-382
Matching Hypothesis Text in Diagrams and Essays PDF
Collin Lynch, Mohammad Falakmasir, Kevin Ashley 383-384
Matrix Factorization Feasibility for Sequencing and Adaptive Support in Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Carlotta Schatten, Ruth Janning, Manolis Mavrikis, Lars Schmidt-Thieme 385-386
Microgenetic Designs for Educational Data Mining Research: Poster PDF
Taylor Martin, Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, Ani Aghababyan, Jason Maughan, Philip Janisiewicz 387-388
Mining and Identifying Relationships Among Sequential Patterns in Multi-Feature, Hierarchical Learning Activity Data PDF
Cheng Ye, John Kinnebrew, Gautam Biswas 389-390
Mining coherent evolution patterns in education through biclustering PDF
André Vale, Sara C. Madeira, Claudia Antunes 391-392
Mining Multi-dimensional Patterns for Student Modelling PDF
Andreia Silva, Claudia Antunes 393-394
Mining Reading Comprehension Within Educational Objective Frameworks PDF
Terry Peckham, Gordon McCalla 395-396
Mining students' strategies to enable collaborative learning PDF
Sergio Gutierrez-Santos, Manolis Mavrikis, Alexandra Poulovassilis 397-398
Modeling Student Socioaffective Responses to Group Interactions in a Collaborative Online Chat Environment PDF
Whitney Cade, Nia Dowell, Art Graesser, Yla Tausczik, James Pennebaker 399-400
Now We're Talking: Leveraging the Power of Natural Language Processing to Inform ITS Development PDF
Laura Allen, Erica Snow McNamara 401-402
Peer assessment in the first French MOOC : Analyzing assessors' behavior PDF
Matthieu Cisel, Rémi Bachelet, Eric Bruillard 403-404
Peer Influence on Attrition in Massively Open Online Courses PDF
Diyi Yang, Miaomiao Wen, Carolyn Rose 405-406
Predicting students' learning achievement by using online learning patterns in blended learning environments: Comparison of two cases on linear and non-linear model PDF
Jeong Hyun Kim, Yeonjeong Park, Jongwoo Song, Il-Hyun Jo 407-408
Predictive performance of prevailing approaches to skills assessment techniques: Insights from real vs. synthetic data sets PDF
Behzad Beheshti, Michel Desmarais 409-410
Recent-Performance Factors Analysis PDF
April Galyardt, Ilya Goldin 411-412
Refining Learning Maps with Data Fitting Techniques: Searching for Better Fitting Learning Maps PDF
Seth Adjei, Douglas Selent, Neil Heffernan, Zach Pardos, Angela Broaddus, Neal Kingston 413-414
Relevancy prediction of micro-blog questions in an educational setting PDF
Mariheida Cordova-Sanchez, Parameswaran Raman, Luo Si, Jason Fish 415-416
Singular Value Decomposition in Education: a case study on recommending courses PDF
Fábio Carballo, Claudia Antunes 417-418
The predictive power of the SNA metrics for education PDF
Diego García-Saiz, Camilo Palazuelos, Marta Zorrilla 419-420
Data-Driven Curriculum Design: Mining the Web to Make Better Teaching Decisions PDF
Antonio Moretti, Jose Gonzalez-Brenes, Katherine McKnight 421-422
Towards IRT-based student modeling from problem solving steps PDF
Manuel Hernando, Eduardo Guzmán, Sergey Sosnovsky, Eric Andres, Susanne Narciss 423-424
Towards Uncovering the Mysterious World of Math Homework PDF
Mingyu Feng 425-426
Towards Using Similarity Measure for Automatic Detection of Significant Behaviors from Continuous Data PDF
Ben-Manson Toussaint, Vanda Luengo, Jérôme Tonetti 427-428
Using Data Mining to Automate ADDIE PDF
Fritz Ray, Keith Brawner, Robby Robson 429-430
Using Multimodal Learning Analytics to Study Learning Mechanisms PDF
Marcelo Worsley, Paulo Blikstein 431-432
Using Problem Solving Times and Expert Opinion to Detect Skills PDF
Juraj Niznan, Radek Pelánek, Jirí Rihák 433-434

Young Researcher Track

Toward Collaboration Sensing: Multimodal Detection of the Chameleon Effect in Collaborative Learning Settings PDF
Bertrand Schneider 435-437
The Use of Student Confidence for Prediction & Resolving Individual Student Knowledge Structure PDF
Charles Lang 438-440
Nonverbal Communication and Teaching Performance PDF
Roghayeh Barmaki 441-443
Data-Driven Feedback Beyond Next-Step Hints PDF
Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes 444-446
E3: Emotions, Engagement and Educational Games PDF
Ani Aghababyan 447-451
Personalization and Incentive Design in E-Learning Systems PDF
Avi Segal 455-457