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Invited Talk

Stealth Assessment in Games: Why, What, and How PDF
Valerie Shute 1
Discovering the Structure of Mathematical Problem Solving PDF
John R. Anderson 2
EDM in a Complex and Changing World PDF
Ryan Baker 3

Full Paper

Limits to accuracy: how well can we do at student modeling? PDF
Joseph Beck, Xiaolu Xiong 4-11
Student Profiling from Tutoring System Log Data: When do Multiple Graphical Representations Matter? PDF
Ryan Carlson, Konstantin Genin, Martina Rau, Richard Scheines 12-19
Unsupervised Classification of Student Dialogue Acts with Query-Likelihood Clustering PDF
Aysu Ezen-Can, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer 20-27
A Spectral Learning Approach to Knowledge Tracing PDF
Mohammad H. Falakmasir, Zachary A. Pardos, Geoffrey J. Gordon, Peter Brusilovsky 28-34
Optimal and Worst-Case Performance of Mastery Learning Assessment with Bayesian Knowledge Tracing PDF
Stephen Fancsali, Tristan Nixon, Steven Ritter 35-42
Automatically Recognizing Facial Expression: Predicting Engagement and Frustration PDF
Joseph Grafsgaard, Joseph B. Wiggins, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Eric N. Wiebe, James Lester 43-50
Investigating the Solution Space of an Open-Ended Educational Game Using Conceptual Feature Extraction PDF
Erik Harpstead, Christopher J. MacLellan, Kenneth R. Koedinger, Vincent Aleven, Steven P. Dow, Brad A. Myers 51-58
Extending the Assistance Model: Analyzing the Use of Assistance over Time PDF
William Hawkins, Neil Heffernan, Yutao Wang, Ryan Baker 59-66
Differential Pattern Mining of Students' Handwritten Coursework PDF
James Herold, Alex Zundel, Thomas Stahovich 67-73
Predicting Future Learning Better Using Quantitative Analysis of Moment-by-Moment Learning PDF
Arnon Hershkovitz, Ryan Baker, Sujith M Gowda, Albert T. Corbett 74-81
InVis: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Exploring Interaction Networks PDF
Matthew Johnson, Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes 82-89
Tag-Aware Ordinal Sparse Factor Analysis for Learning and Content Analytics PDF
Andrew Lan, Christoph Studer, Andrew Waters, Richard Baraniuk 90-97
Discovering Student Models with a Clustering Algorithm Using Problem Content PDF
Nan Li, William Cohen, Kenneth R. Koedinger 98-105
Predicting Player Moves in an Educational Game: A Hybrid Approach PDF
Yun-En Liu, Travis Mandel, Eric Butler, Erik Andersen, Eleanor O'Rourke, Emma Brunskill, Zoran Popovic 106-113
Sequences of Frustration and Confusion, and Learning PDF
Zhongxiu Liu, Visit Pataranutaporn, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Ryan Baker 114-120
Data Mining in the Classroom: Discovering Groups' Strategies at a Multi-tabletop Environment PDF
Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Kalina Yacef, Judy Kay 121-128
Meta-Reasoning Algorithm for Improving Analysis of Student Interactions with Learning Objects using Supervised Learning PDF
Dee Miller, Leen-Kiat Soh 129-136
Adapting Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to a Massive Open Online Course in edX PDF
Zachary Pardos, Yoav Bergner, Daniel Seaton, David Pritchard 137-144
Modeling and Optimizing Forgetting and Spacing Effects during Musical Interval Training PDF
Philip I. Pavlik, Henry Hua, Jamal Williams, Gavin Bidelman 145-152
Tuned Models of Peer Assessment in MOOCs PDF
Chris Piech, Jon Huang, Zhenghao Chen, Chuong Do, Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller 153-160
Does Representational Understanding Enhance Fluency - Or Vice Versa? Searching for Mediation Models PDF
Martina Rau, Richard Scheines, Vincent Aleven, Nikol Rummel 161-168
Predicting Standardized Test Scores from Cognitive Tutor Interactions PDF
Steve Ritter, Ambarish Joshi, Stephen Fancsali, Tristan Nixon 169-176
Predicting College Enrollment from Student Interaction with an Intelligent Tutoring System in Middle School PDF
Maria Ofelia Pedro, Ryan Baker, Alex Bowers, Neil Heffernan 177-184
Incorporating Scaffolding and Tutor Context into Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to Predict Inquiry Skill Acquisition PDF
Michael Sao Pedro, Ryan Baker, Janice Gobert 185-192
Applying three models of learning to individual student log data PDF
Brett van Sande 193-199
Evaluating Topic-Word Review Analysis for Understanding Student Peer Review Performance PDF
Wenting Xiong, Diane Litman 200-207
Mining Social Deliberation in Online Communication -- If You Were Me and I Were You PDF
Xiaoxi Xu, Tom Murray, Beverly Park Woolf, David Smith 208-215

Short Paper

Paragraph Specific N-Gram Approaches to Automatically Assessing Essay Quality PDF
Scott Crossley, Caleb Defore, Kris Kyle, Jianmin Dai, Danielle S. Mcnamara 216-219
Degeneracy in Student Modeling with Dynamic Bayesian Networks in Intelligent Edu-Games PDF
Alireza Davoodi, Cristina Conati 220-223
Clustering and Visualizing Study State Sequences PDF
Michel Desmarais, Francois Lemieux 224-227
Analyzing the Mental Health of Engineering Students using Classification and Regression PDF
Melissa Deziel, Dayo Olawo, Lisa Truchon, Lukasz Golab 228-231
Hints: You Can't Have Just One PDF
Ilya Goldin, Kenneth Koedinger, Vincent Aleven 232-235
What and When do Students Learn? Fully Data-Driven Joint Estimation of Cognitive and Student Models PDF
Jose Gonzalez-Brenes, Jack Mostow 236-239
An Investigation of Psychometric Measures for Modelling Academic Performance in Tertiary Education PDF
Geraldine Gray, Colm McGuinness, Philip Owende 240-243
Modeling Affect in Student-driven Learning Scenarios PDF
Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Rafael Cabredo, Masayuki Numao 244-247
An Algorithm for Reducing the Complexity of Interaction Networks PDF
Matthew Johnson, Michael Eagle, John Stamper, Tiffany Barnes 248-251
Mining Temporally-Interesting Learning Behavior Patterns PDF
John Kinnebrew, Daniel Mack, Gautam Biswas 252-255
Modeling Students' Learning and Variability of Performance in Problem Solving PDF
Radek Pelanek, Petr Jarusek, Matej Klusacek 256-259
Estimating Student Knowledge from Paired Interaction Data PDF
Anna Rafferty, Jodi Davenport, Emma Brunskill 260-263
Using a Lexical Analysis of Student's Self-Explanation to Predict Course Performance PDF
Nicholas Rhodes, Matthew Ung, Alexander Zundel, Jim Herold, Thomas Stahovich 264-267
A meta-learning approach for recommending a subset of white-box classification algorithms for Moodle datasets PDF
Cristobal Romero, Juan Luis Olmo, Sebastian Ventura 268-271
Investigating the Effects of Off-Task Personalization on System Performance and Attitudes within a Game-Based Environment PDF
Erica Snow, Tanner Jackson, Laura Varner, Danielle S. McNamara 272-275
Students' Walk through Tutoring: Using a Random Walk Analysis to Profile Students PDF
Erica L. Snow, Aaron D. Likens, Tanner Jackson, Danielle S. McNamara 276-279
From "Events" to "Activities": Creating Abstraction Techniques for Mining Students' Model-Based Inquiry Processes PDF
Vilaythong Southavilay, Lina Markauskaite, Michael Jacobson 280-283
A Comparison of Model Selection Metrics in DataShop PDF
John Stamper, Kenneth Koedinger, Elizabeth Mclaughlin 284-287
Measuring the moment of learning with an information-theoretic approach PDF
Brett van Sande 288-291
Test-size Reduction for Concept Estimation PDF
Divyanshu Vats, Christoph Studer, Andrew S. Lan, Lawrence Carin, Richard Baraniuk 292-295
Reading into the Text: Investigating the Influence of Text Complexity on Cognitive Engagement PDF
Benjamin Vega, Shi Feng, Blair Lehman, Art Graesser, Sidney D'Mello 296-299
Using Students' Programming Behavior to Predict Success in an Introductory Mathematics Course PDF
Arto Vihavainen, Matti Luukkainen, Jaakko Kurhila 300-303


Do students really learn an equal amount independent of whether they get an item correct or wrong? PDF
Seth Adjei, Seye Salehizadeh, Yutao Wang, Neil Heffernan 304-305
Analysis of students clustering results based on Moodle log data PDF
Angela Bovo, Stephane Sanchez, Olivier Heguy, Yves Duthen 306-307
Mining the Impact of Course Assignments on Student Performance PDF
Ritu Chaturvedi, Christie Ezeife 308-309
Mining User's Behaviors in Intelligent Educational Games: Prime Climb a Case Study PDF
Alireza Davoodi, Samad Kardan, Cristina Conati 310-311
Bringing student backgrounds online: MOOC user demographics, site usage, and online learning PDF
Jennifer Deboer, Glenda S. Stump, Daniel Seaton, Andrew Ho, David E. Pritchard, Lori Breslow 312-313
Detecting Player Goals from Game Log Files PDF
Kristen Dicerbo, Khusro Kidwai 314-315
A prediction model that uses the sequence of attempts and hints to better predict knowledge: "Better to attempt the problem first, rather than ask for a hint" PDF
Hien Duong, Linglong Zhu, Yutao Wang, Neil Heffernan 316-317
Towards the development of a classification service for predicting students' performance PDF
Diego Garcia-Saiz, Marta Zorrilla 318-319
Identifying and Visualizing the Similarities Between Course Content at a Learning Object, Module and Program Level PDF
Kyle Goslin, Markus Hofmann 320-321
Using ITS Generated Data to Predict Standardized Test Scores PDF
Kim Kelly, Ivon Arroyo, Neil Heffernan 322-323
Joint Topic Modeling and Factor Analysis of Textual Information and Graded Response Data PDF
Andrew Lan, Christoph Studer, Andrew Waters, Richard Baraniuk 324-325
Component Model in Discourse Analysis PDF
Haiying Li, Art Graesser, Zhiqiang Cai 326-327
Modeling student retention in an environment with delayed testing PDF
Shoujing Li, Xiaolu Xiong, Joseph Beck 328-329
Predicting Group Programming Project Performance using SVN Activity Traces PDF
Sen Liu, Jihie Kim, Sofus Macskassy 330-331
Toward Predicting Test Score Gains With Online Behavior Data of Teachers PDF
Keith Maull, Tamara Sumner 332-333
Domain-Independent Proximity Measures in Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Bassam Mokbel, Sebastian Gross, Benjamin Paassen, Niels Pinkwart, Barbara Hammer 334-335
Exploring Exploration: Inquiries into Exploration Behavior in Complex Problem Solving Assessment PDF
Jonas Muller, Andre Kretzschmar, Samuel Greiff 336-337
The Complex Dynamics of Aggregate Learning Curves PDF
Tristan Nixon, Stephen Fancsali, Steven Ritter 338-339
Extracting Time-evolving Latent Skills from Examination Time Series PDF
Shinichi Oeda, Kenji Yamanishi 340-341
Uncovering Class-Wide Patterns in Responses to True/False Questions PDF
Andrew Pawl 342-343
Causal Modeling to Understand the Relationship between Student Attitudes, Affect and Outcomes PDF
Dovan Rai, Joseph Beck, Ivon Arroyo 344-345
Determining Review Coverage by Extracting Topic Sentences Using A Graph-based Clustering Approach PDF
Lakshmi Ramachandran, Balaraman Ravindran, Edward Gehringer 346-347
Affective State Detection in Educational Systems through Mining Multimodal Data Sources PDF
Sergio Salmeron-Majadas, Olga C. Santos, Jesus G. Boticario 348-349
Exploring the relationship between course structure and etext usage in blended and open online courses PDF
Daniel T. Seaton, Yoav Bergner, David E. Pritchard 350-351
Data preprocessing using a priori knowledge PDF
Jean Simon 352-353
Discovering the Relationship between Student Effort and Ability for Predicting the Performance of Technology-Assisted Learning in a Mathematics After-School Program PDF
Jun Xie, Xudong Huang, Henry Hua, Jin Wang, Quan Tang, Scotty Craig, Arthur Graesser, King-Ip Lin, Xiangen Hu 354-355
Using Item Response Theory to Refine Knowledge Tracing PDF
Yanbo Xu, Jack Mostow 356-357
Estimating the benefits of student model improvements on a substantive scale PDF
Michael Yudelson, Kenneth Koedinger 358-359
A Dynamic Group Composition Method to Refine Collaborative Learning Group Formation PDF
Zhilin Zheng 360-361

Late Breaking Results

Educational Data Mining: Illuminating Student Learning Pathways in an Online Fraction Game PDF
Ani Aghababyan, Taylor Martin, Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, Philip Janisiewicz 362-363
Automatic Gaze-Based Detection of Mind Wandering during Reading PDF
Sidney D'Mello, Jonathan Cobian, Matthew Hunter 364-365
DARE: Deep Anaphora Resolution in Dialogue based Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Nobal B. Niraula, Vasile Rus, Dan Stefanescu 366-367
Are You Committed? Investigating Interactions among Reading Commitment, Natural Language Input, and Students' Learning Outcomes PDF
Laura K. Varner, Tanner Jackson, Erica L. Snow, Danielle S. McNamara 368-369
Using Multi-level Models to Assess Data From an Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
Jennifer Weston, Danielle S. Mcnamara 370-371

Young Researcher Track

Evaluation of Automatically Generated Hint Feedback PDF
Michael Eagle, Tiffany Barnes 372-374
Analysing Engineering Expertise of High School Students Using Eye Tracking and Multimodal Learning Analytics PDF
July Gomes, Mohamed Yassine, Marcelo Worsley, Paulo Blikstein 375-377
Investigating the efficacy of algorithmic student modelling in predicting students at risk of failing in tertiary education PDF
Geraldine Gray, Colm McGuinness, Philip Owende 378-380
BOTS: Harnessing Player Data and Player Effort to Create and Evaluate Levels in a Serious Game PDF
Andrew Hicks 381-383
Helping Students Manage Personalized Learning Scenarios PDF
Paul Salvador Inventado, Roberto Legaspi, Masayuki Numao 384-386
Determining Problem Selection for a Logic Proof Tutor PDF
Behrooz Mostafavi, Tiffany Barnes 387-389


Demonstration of a Moodle student monitoring web application PDF
Angela Bovo, Stephane Sanchez, Olivier Heguy, Yves Duthen 390-391
Students Activity Visualization Tool PDF
Marius Stefan Chiritoiu, Cristian Mihaescu, Dumitru Dan Burdescu 392-393
FlexCCT: Software for Maximum Likelihood Cultural Consensus Theory PDF
Stephen France, Mahyar Vaghefi, William Batchelder 394-395
Visual Exploration of Interactions and Performance with LeMo PDF
Agathe Merceron, Sebastian Schwarzrock, Margarita Elkina, Andreas Pursian, Liane Beuster, Albrecht Fortenbacher, Leonard Kappe, Boris Wenzlaff 396-397
Project CASSI: A Social-Graph Based Tool for Classroom Behavior Analysis and Optimization PDF
Robert Olson, Zachary Daily, John Malayny, Robert Szkutak 398-399
A Moodle Block for Selecting, Visualizing and Mining Students' Usage Data PDF
Cristobal Romero, Cristobal Castro, Sebastian Ventura 400-401
SEMILAR: A Semantic Similarity Toolkit for Assessing Students' Natural Language Inputs PDF
Vasile Rus, Rajendra Banjade, Mihai Lintean, Nobal Niraula, Dan Stefanescu 402-403
Gathering Emotional Data from Multiple Sources PDF
Sergio Salmeron-Majadas, Olga C. Santos, Jesus G. Boticario, Raul Cabestrero, Pilar Quiros, Mar Saneiro 404-405
A Tool for Speech Act Classification Using Interactive Machine Learning PDF
Borhan Samei, Fazel Keshtkar, Arthur C. Graesser 406-407