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Effort-based Tutoring: An Empirical Approach to Intelligent Tutoring PDF
Ivon Arroyo, Hasmik Mehranian, Beverly P. Woolf 1-10
An Analysis of the Differences in the Frequency of Students' Disengagement in Urban, Rural, and Suburban High Schools PDF
Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Sujith M. Gowda 11-20
On the Faithfulness of Simulated Student Performance Data PDF
Michel C. Desmarais, Ildiko Pelczer 21-30
Mining Bodily Patterns of Affective Experience during Learning PDF
Sidney D'Mello, Art Graesser 31-40
Can We Get Better Assessment From A Tutoring System Compared to Traditional Paper Testing? Can We Have Our Cake (Better Assessment) and Eat It too (Student Learning During the Test)? PDF
Mingyu Feng, Neil Heffernan 41-50
Using Neural Imaging and Cognitive Modeling to Infer Mental States while Using an Intelligent Tutoring System PDF
Jon M. Fincham, John R. Anderson, Shawn Betts, Jennifer Ferris 51-60
Using multiple Dirichlet distributions to improve parameter plausibility PDF
Yue Gong, Joseph E. Beck, Neil T. Heffernan 61-70
Examining Learner Control in a Structured Inquiry Cycle Using Process Mining PDF
Larry Howard, Julie Johnson, Carin Neitzel 71-80
Analysis of Productive Learning Behaviors in a Structured Inquiry Cycle Using Hidden Markov Models PDF
Hogyeong Jeong, Gautam Biswas, Julie Johnson, Larry Howard 81-90
Data Mining for Generating Hints in a Python Tutor PDF
Anna Katrina Dominguez, Kalina Yacef, James R. Curran 91-100
Off Topic Conversation in Expert Tutoring: Waste of Time or Learning Opportunity PDF
Blair Lehman, Whitney Cade, Andrew Olney 101-110
Sentiment Analysis in Student Experiences of Learning PDF
Sunghwan Mac Kim, Rafael A. Calvo 111-120
Online Curriculum Planning Behavior of Teachers PDF
Keith E. Maull, Manuel Gerardo Saldivar, Tamara Sumner 121-130
A Data Model to Ease Analysis and Mining of Educational Data PDF
André Krüger, Agathe Merceron, Benjamin Wolf 131-140
Identifying Students' Inquiry Planning Using Machine Learning PDF
Orlando Montalvo, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Michael A. Sao Pedro, Adam Nakama, Janice D. Gobert 141-150
Skill Set Profile Clustering: The Empty K-Means Algorithm with Automatic Specification of Starting Cluster Centers PDF
Rebecca Nugent, Nema Dean, Elizabeth Ayers 151-160
Navigating the parameter space of Bayesian Knowledge Tracing models: Visualizations of the convergence of the Expectation Maximization algorithm PDF
Zachary Pardos, Neil Heffernan 161-170
Mining Rare Association Rules from e-Learning Data PDF
Cristóbal Romero, José Raúl Romero, Jose María Luna, Sebastián Ventura 171-180
Using Text Replay Tagging to Produce Detectors of Systematic Experimentation Behavior Patterns PDF
Michael Sao Pedro, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Orlando Montalvo, Adam Nakama, Janice D. Gobert 181-190
Identifying High-Level Student Behavior Using Sequence-based Motif Discovery PDF
David H. Shanabrook, David G. Cooper, Beverly Park Woolf, Ivon Arroyo 191-200
Unsupervised Discovery of Student Strategies PDF
Benjamin Shih, Kenneth R. Koedinger, Richard Scheines 201-210
Assessing Reviewer's Performance Based on Mining Problem Localization in Peer-Review Data PDF
Wenting Xiong, Diane Litman, Christian Schunn 211-220
Using Numeric Optimization To Refine Semantic User Model Integration Of Adaptive Educational Systems PDF
Michael Yudelson, Peter Brusilovsky, Antonija Mitrovic, Moffat Mathews 221-230

Young Researcher Track

An Annotations Approach to Peer Tutoring PDF
John Champaign, Robin Cohen 231-240
Using Educational Data Mining Methods to Study the Impact of Virtual Classroom in E-Learning PDF
Mohammad Hassan Falakmasir, Jafar Habibi 241-248
Process Mining to Support Students' Collaborative Writing PDF
Vilaythong Southavilay, Kalina Yacef, Rafael A. Callvo 257-266
Automatic Rating of User-Generated Math Solutions PDF
Turadg Aleahmad, Vincent Aleven, Robert Kraut 267-268
Tracking Students' Inquiry Paths through Student Transition Analysis PDF
Matt Bachmann, Janice Gobert, Joseph Beck 269-270
DISCUSS: Enabling Detailed Characterization of Tutorial Interactions Through Dialogue Annotation PDF
Lee Becker, Wayne H. Ward, Sarel vanVuuren 271-272
Data Mining of both Right and Wrong Answers from a Mathematics and a Science M/C Test given Collectively to 11,228 Students from India in years 4, 6 and 8 PDF
James Bernauer, Jay Powell 273-274
Mining information from tutor data to improve pedagogical content knowledge PDF
Suchismita Srinivas, Muntaquim Bagadia, Anupriya Gupta 275-276
Clustering Student Learning Activity Data PDF
Haiyun Bian 277-278
Analyzing Learning Styles using Behavioral Indicators in Web based Learning Environments PDF
Nabila Bousbia, Jean-Marc Labat, Amar Balla, Issam Rebai 279-280
Using Topic Models to Bridge Coding Schemes of Differing Granularity PDF
Whitney L. Cade, Andrew Olney 281-282
A Distillation Approach to Refining Learning Objects PDF
John Champaign, Robin Cohen 283-284
A Preliminary Investigation of Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Tutorial Planning PDF
Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Robert Phillips, Eun Young Ha, Michael D. Wallis, Mladen A. Vouk, James C. Lester 285-286
Higher Contributions Correlate with Higher Learning Gains PDF
Carol Forsyth, Heather Butler, Arthur C. Graesser, Diane Halpern 287-288
Pinpointing Learning Moments; A finer grain P(J) model PDF
Adam Goldstein, Ryan S.J.d. Baker, Neil T. Heffernan 289-290
Predicting Task Completion from Rich but Scarce Data PDF
José P. González-Brenes, Jack Mostow 291-292
Hierarchical Structures of Content Items in LMS PDF
Sharon Hardof-Jaffe, Arnon Hershkovitz, Ronit Azran, Rafi Nachmias 293-294
Is Students' Activity in LMS Persistent? PDF
Arnon Hershkovitz, Rafi Nachmias 295-296
EDM Visualization Tool: Watching Students Learn PDF
Matthew M. Johnson, Tiffany Barnes 297-298
Inferring the Differential Student Model in a Probabilistic Domain Using Abduction inference in Bayesian networks PDF
Nabila Khodeir, Nayer Wanas, Nevin Darwish, Nadia Hegazy 299-300
Using LiMS (the Learner Interaction Monitoring System) to Track Online Learner Engagement and Evaluate Course Design PDF
Leah P. Macfadyen, Peter Sorenson 301-302
Observing Online Curriculum Planning Behavior of Teachers PDF
Keith E. Maull, Manuel Gerardo Saldivar, Tamara Sumner 303-304
When Data Exploration and Data Mining meet while Analysing Usage Data of a Course PDF
André Krüger, Agathe Merceron, Benjamin Wolf 305-306
AutoJoin: Generalizing an Example into an EDM query PDF
Jack Mostow 307-308
Conceptualizing Procedural Knowledge Targeted at Students with Different Skill Levels PDF
Martin Možina, Matej Guid, Aleksander Sadikov, Vida Groznik, Jana Krivec, Ivan Bratko 309-310
Data Reduction Methods Applied to Understanding Complex Learning Hypotheses PDF
Philip I. Pavlik Jr. 311-312
Analysis of a causal modeling approach: a case study with an educational intervention PDF
Dovan Rai, Joseph E. Beck 313-314
Peer Production of Online Learning Resources: A Social Network Analysis PDF
Beijie Xu, Mimi M. Recker 315-316
Class Association Rules Mining from Students' Test Data PDF
Cristóbal Romero, Sebastián Ventura, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Mykola Pechenizkiy 317-318
Modeling Learning Trajectories with Epistemic Network Analysis: A Simulation-based Investigation of a Novel Analytic Method for Epistemic Games PDF
Andre A. Rupp, Shauna J. Sweet, Younyoung Choi 319-320
Multiple Test Forms Construction based on Bees Algorithm PDF
Pokpong Songmuang, Maomi Ueno 321-322
Can Order of Access to Learning Resources Predict Success? PDF
Hema Soundranayagam, Kalina Yacef 323-324
A Data Driven Approach to the Discovery of Better Cognitive Models PDF
Kenneth R. Koedinger, John C. Stamper 325-326
Using a Bayesian Knowledge Base for Hint Selection on Domain Specific Problems PDF
John C. Stamper, Tiffany Barnes, Marvin Croy 327-328
A Review of Student Churn in the Light of Theories on Business Relationships PDF
Jaan Ubi, Innar Liiv 329-330
Towards EDM Framework for Personalization of Information Services in RPM Systems PDF
Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Aleksandra Tesanovic, Evgeny Knutov, Sicco Verwer, Paul De Bra 331-332
A Case Study: Data Mining Applied to Student Enrollment PDF
César Vialardi, Jorge Chue, Alfredo Barrientos, Daniel Victoria, Jhonny Estrella, Juan Pablo Peche, Álvaro Ortigosa 333-334
Representing Student Performance with Partial Credit PDF
Yutao Wang, Neil T. Heffernan, Joseph E. Beck 335-336
Where in the World? Demographic Patterns in Access Data PDF
Mimi M. Recker, Beijie Xu, Sherry Hsi, Christine Garrard 337-338
Pundit: Intelligent Recommender of Courses PDF
Ankit Ranka, Faisal Anwar, Hui Soo Chae 339-340