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A Comparison of Student Skill Knowledge Estimates PDF
Elizabeth Ayers, Rebecca Nugent, Nema Dean 1-10
Differences Between Intelligent Tutor Lessons, and the Choice to Go Off-Task PDF
Ryan Baker 11-20
A User-Driven and Data-Driven Approach for Supporting Teachers in Reflection and Adaptation of Adaptive Tutorials PDF
Dror Ben-Naim, Michael Bain, Nadine Marcus 21-30
Detecting Symptoms of Low Performance Using Production Rules PDF
Javier Bravo Agapito, Sergey Sosnovsky, Alvaro Ortigosa 31-40
Predicting Students Drop Out: A Case Study PDF
Gerben Dekker, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Jan Vleeshouwers 41-50
Using Learning Decomposition and Bootstrapping with Randomization to Compare the Impact of Different Educational Interventions on Learning PDF
Mingyu Feng, Joseph Beck, Neil Heffernan 51-60
Yue Gong, Dovan Rai, Joseph Beck and Neil Heffernan PDF
Yue Gong, Dovan Rai, Joseph Beck, Neil Hefferna 61-70
Consistency of Students' Pace in Online Learning PDF
Arnon Hershkovitz, Rafi Nachmias 71-80
Student Consistency and Implications for Feedback in Online Assessment Systems PDF
Tara Madhyastha, Steven Tanimoto 81-90
Edu-mining for Book Recommendation for Pupils PDF
Ryo Nagata, Keigo Takeda, Koji Suda, Junichi Kakegawa, Koichiro Morihiro 91-100
Conditional Subspace Clustering of Skill Mastery: Identifying Skills that Separate Students PDF
Rebecca Nugent, Elizabeth Ayers, Nema Dean 101-110
Determining the Significance of Item Order In Randomized Problem Sets PDF
Zachary Pardos, Neil Heffernan 111-120
Learning Factors Transfer Analysis: Using Learning Curve Analysis to Automatically Generate Domain Models PDF
Philip I Pavlik Jr., Hao Cen, Kenneth R. Koedinger 121-130
Detecting and Understanding the Impact of Cognitive and Interpersonal Conflict in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environments PDF
David Prata, Ryan Baker, Evandro Costa, Carolyn Rose, Yue Cui 131-140
Using Dirichlet Priors to Improve Model Parameter Plausibility PDF
Dovan Rai, Yue Gong, Joseph Beck 141-150
Reducing the Knowledge Tracing Space PDF
Steven Ritter, Thomas Harris, Tristan Nixon, Daniel Dickison, Charles Murray, Brendon Towle 151-160
Automatic Detection of Student Mental Models During Prior Knowledge Activation in MetaTutor PDF
Vasile Rus, Mihai Lintean, Roger Azevedo 161-170
Automatic Concept Relationships Discovery for an Adaptive E-course PDF
Marián Šimko, Maria Bielikova 171-179
An Unsupervised, Frequency-based Metric for Selecting Hints in an MDP-based Tutor PDF
John Stamper, Tiffany Barnes 180-189
Recommendation in Higher Education Using Data Mining Techniques PDF
Cesar Vialardi Sacin, Javier Bravo Agapito, Leila Shafti, Alvaro Ortigosa 190-199


Developing an Argument Learning Environment Using Agent-Based ITS (ALES) PDF
Safia Abbas, Hajime Sawamura 200-209
A Data Mining Approach to Reveal Representative Collaboration Indicators in Open Collaboration Frameworks PDF
Antonio R. Anaya, Jesus G. Boticario 210-219
Dimensions of Difficulty in Translating Natural Language into First-Order Logic PDF
Dave Barker-Plummer, Richard Cox, Robert Dale 220-229
Predicting Correctness of Problem Solving from Low-level Log Data in Intelligent Tutoring Systems PDF
Suleyman Cetintas, Luo Si, Yan Ping Xin, Casey Hord 230-239
Back to the Future: A Non-automated Method of Constructing Transfer Models PDF
Ming Feng, Joseph Beck 240-249
How do Students Organize Personal Information Spaces? PDF
Sharon Hardof-Jaffe, Arnon Hershkovitz, Hama Abu-Kishk, Ofer Bergman, Rafi Nachmia 250-258
Improving Student Question Classification PDF
Cecily Heiner, Joseph Zachary 259-268
Why, What, and How to Log? Lessons from LISTEN PDF
Jack Mostow, Joseph Beck 269-278
Process Mining Online Assessment Data PDF
Mykola Pechenizkiy, Nikola Trcka, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Wil van Aalst, Paul De Bra 279-288
Obtaining Weights of a Rubric Through a Pairwise Learning Model When the Assessment Process Involves More than One Lecturer PDF
José Ramón Quevedo, Elena Montañés 289-298
Collaborative Data Mining Tool for Education PDF
Cristobal Romero, Sebastián Ventura, Enrique García, Carlos de Castro 299-308
Predicting Student Grades in Learning Management Systems with Multiple Instance Genetic Programming PDF
Amelia Zafra, Sebastián Ventura 309-318
Visualization of Differences in Data Measuring Mathematical Skills PDF
Lukáš Zoubek, Michal Burda 319-324